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Why Renogy Adventurer is Good For You


Setting up a solar power array is no laughing matter. You need to have trustworthy, safe, and reliable components that will get the job done. Renogy Adventurer li 30a is an excellent solution for solar power arrays because it’s simple, versatile, and cost-effective.

If you are planning to build your very own solar power array whether for residential or for your RV, boat, and whatnot, the Adventurer-Li bu Renogy is the right choice for you. Renogy offers a wide array of solar panels, inverters, and charge controllers that will cater to your needs. The Adventurer Flush Mount Solar Charge Controller by Renogy can be used in most electrical applications so it’s not just limited to being installed on boats or RVs but also on industrial sheds, farm buildings, and cabins.

But first, we need to find out what this particular flush mount charge controller is and why it is the viable choice for you.

If you think this article is too long, we have prepared the pros and cons to help you in your decision-making process.

Pros Cons
Has a remote monitoring capability
Displays accurate current battery level
Has a temperature sensor
Aesthetically-pleasing CompactDurable
Pricier compared to the competition

If you want to buy Renogy Adventurer-Li, which we know you do, click here.

What is Renogy Adventurer?

The Adventurer Li is Renogy’s newest solar charge controller. The Adventurer-Li includes two great features: Lithium battery charging capability and Bluetooth communication to the Renogy APP.

The Adventurer Li by Renogy combines a 12V PWM, 40Amp Solar Charge Controller with a built-in Bluetooth module. Renogy Adventurer Li 30a is a versatile solar charge controller that can be used for multiple applications such as off-grid cabins, RVs, and boats. The Renogy Adventurer Li also has the ability to handle Lithium batteries up to 12V 100Ah (20h).

Renogy’s new line of controllers is fully programmable and the Adventurer Li allows users to select charging voltage for Lithium batteries. Renogy’s new Bluetooth module will allow the Renogy APP (coming soon) to communicate with Renogy’s Adventurer-Li through a wireless connection from up to 50ft away.

The Renogy APP is an Android/iOS app that can be used on smartphones or tablets. Renogy Adventurer Li is also compatible with Renogy’s SolarIQ and PWM charge controllers, allowing for multiple configurations to be used in conjunction.

What are the Key Features of Adventurer-Li?

When it comes to their products especially the Adventurer-Li, Renogy boasts of unparalleled features such as the following:

  • Unique. This charge controller comes equipped with one USB port, has a flush-mounting capability, and has a Bluetooth option that can be controlled via smartphone.
  • Versatile. This charge controller goes well with gel, sealed, Lithium, and flooded batteries. The Adventurer Surface Mount included in the package offers adaptability when it comes to mounting.
  • Smart. The 12v or 24v compatibility LCD screen provides easy-to-read information and data about the power level and battery level. It compensates for temperature, automatically adjusts charging and discharging parameters, and extends battery life.
  • Safe. This charge controller with LCD has a negative-ground controller that also offers a 4-stage PWM charging (Bulk, Boost, Float, and Equalization) that protects against overcharging, overload, short-circuit, and reverse polarity.

Bluetooth capability

The Bluetooth module will be used to pair the Adventurer-Li with the upcoming Renogy APP. The Adventurer-Li is a 30A PWM solar power charge controller that is designed to be used with 12V or 24V photovoltaic systems.  It can be used with Renogy’s 100W, 200W, and 300W monocrystalline solar panels. The Adventurer-Li also features an LCD status display that shows the current battery voltage, charging amps, watts (DC/AC), % full charge of the batteries. There is a USB port on the controller for interfacing your Renogy E.FAST charge controller to your Renogy APP for added functionality and control of the solar battery charging system.

Why Should You Choose Renogy Adventurer-Li?

The Adventurer-Li is a flush mount controller that charges 12V and 24V photovoltaic systems. It integrates highly efficient PWM charging to increase battery longevity by regulating the charge flowing from solar panels to batteries in order for it not to look unique on RV walls but can be placed anywhere desired with included Surface Mount Attachment if you want more than just aesthetics.

Renogy Adventurer-Li Review

Renogy’s Adventurer-Li is one of the popular charge controllers in the market these days. Anyone who is into solar power DIY projects must have encountered this product while doing research. According to what I have seen, this charge controller is one of the viable products a DIYer should choose.

Here are some of my observations regarding this charge controller:


The unit has a really nice feel to it, with the aluminum case and overall quality construction you can’t help but appreciate Renogy for putting out top-quality products.

The Adventurer-Li’s aluminum body is durable and lightweight, weighing only 18 ounces (510 grams). It measures a compact 12 x 11 x 45 cm for easy installation under the mount or flush on any surface of your RV, boat, trailer home, the cabin in the woods – you name it! The Adventurer-Li by Renogy is a versatile and powerful charge controller that’s great for off-grid applications. Renogy also offers the Adventurer-PWM, which features 40A PWM output and Lithium battery charging capability.

The Adventurer-Li is designed with an aluminum chassis that dissipates heat efficiently, ensuring a long service life. This robust design also ensures reliable operation even in harsh weather conditions or high altitudes where condensation is common.


The first thing that I noticed is it seems really slow to recognize the current battery load and adjust the charge rate. Perhaps that’s simply a feature of the algorithm to avoid being moved about too much on charge current. Once there are no batteries attached it seems to be pretty fast in responding.

Remote Accessibility

Another impressive feature of this charge controller is that it is fully programmable via smartphone device using Renogy’s app. Renogy has done an excellent job of making the Adventurer Flush Mount Charge Controller easy to connect via Bluetooth, and equally simple to use on mobile devices with their free Android or iOS application.

Accurate Data and Information Display

This 30A flush mount solar charge controller integrates highly efficient PWM charging along with 12V or 24V input and a built-in LCD screen. Furthermore, this charge controller has two USB ports that allow you to connect your Renogy E.FAST charge controller to the Renogy app on Android or iOS devices, enabling you to monitor battery status without actually approaching the charge controller!




The Adventurer li 30a PWM is an excellent choice for DIYers. Renogy has made it very easy to use virtually any kind of solar panel with the Adventurer Flush Mount Charge Controller w LCD, even if you are using different-sized panels in your system!





Renogy also offers a 40A PWM version that is great for larger systems or when Lithium battery charging capability is required. The Adventurer Flush Mount Solar Charge Controller by Renogy is also available in white and black colors to match your RV, boat, or trailer home’s color scheme. Renogy has truly done an excellent job with this new flush mount charge controller w LCD!


If you are a customer with a verified purchase, the Adventurer 30a PWM flush mount Charge Controller w LCD display comes with one year warranty as well as tech support from Renogy’s US-based team. Renogy is proud to be an American brand with global standards of excellence and customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Adventurer li 30a PWM flush come with a warranty?

Yes. Renogy provides one year warranty for this particular solar charger.

What is a Pwm flush mount charge?

A PWM flush mount charge controller w LCD display is an advanced charge controller for off-grid solar systems. This controller improves battery life and system performance by using highly efficient PWM charging. It may be used to charge a 12V or 24V battery. Integrated self-diagnostics and electronic protection features prevent damages caused by installation mistakes or system failures.

How important is a flush mount charge controller?

A charge controller is an important component of nearly every power supply that charges batteries, whether it’s solar panels, wind, hydro, gasoline, or the utility grid. Its aim is to keep your deep cycle batteries adequately supplied and protected for the long run.

Can you use Adventurer Li 30a PWM flush mount with other solar products?

The honest answer to this question is yes. However, strict warranty stipulations dictate that you should not mix and match different solar array products to ensure that each component works as intended. Doing so may also void your warranty unnecessarily.

Can you connect a 30a PWM flush mount without a battery?

It is critical to note that, in order for your solar panel array to function, it must be connected to a 30a pwm flush mount controller. The battery must be connected first. This might result in a deadly situation in which the controller’s terminals have an abnormally high open-circuit voltage.

Final Verdict

According to my observation with this product, I can say that Renogy’s Adventurer-Li is a high-quality solar controller. I like the design, the features, and the ability to be programmed via Renogy’s app. I do think that it is a little bit on the expensive side, but if you’re looking for high-quality at an affordable price then this might be something that interests you. Most of all, it is compatible with sealed gel, lithium, and flooded batteries.


If you want to build a safe and reliable DIY solar power array for your off-grid needs, Renogy has some of the best products on the market. Renogy’s Adventurer Series is a great example, with each product offering different features to meet your needs without sacrificing quality or reliability!

This particular Flush Mount Charge Controller comes with an 18-month warranty as well as tech support from Renogy’s US-based team. Renogy is really passionate about the off-grid solar industry and they are constantly improving their products to provide you with a better user experience.

If you are impressed with this review, you may buy this charge controller here.





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