Decades ago, providing sustainable electricity to a campsite or any outdoor area is a challenge that most people find very hard to accomplish. In order to achieve this goal, they end up using either power generator or leaving the engines of their vehicles running. Both methods use a great deal of fossil fuel to deliver electricity, not to mention the noise it yields while they are operating.

Today, however, solar energy became a good source of free power that can deliver clean electricity. Camping can now be more fun using portable solar power systems for camping, without disturbing the silence in the process.


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What are the Top 5 Best Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping That You Can Use?

Having a reliable power system that can supply you with clean energy is something that everyone?should have. This kind of power system is perfect not only for providing power for outdoor activities but also during emergency situations such as natural calamities or power grid maintenance shut down.

Here are the best 5 portable solar power systems for camping that will give you energy wherever you are:


Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping: Check Out These Cool Portable Solar Charges for your Outdoor Needs

This is the ultimate solution to your outdoor energy needs. A whole day of charging the unit can easily charge your mobile phone up to 150 times! If you have a small camping fridge, you can chill your favorite drinks inside it without worries.

This device, which is produced by Kalisaya Power, comes with a cool app that lets you monitor the amount of power that your solar charger is receiving. The best part about KALIPAK is how it can neatly pack inside a waterproof bag that you can easily carry in your back. This unit is truly a must-have for those who wants to experience hassle-free off grid living.

2. Solartab C

Best Solar Phone Chargers: Solartab

This is the world?s first solar charger that employs fast charge technology. This solar charger is perfect for any kind of device that uses USB-C port. Solartab C is an extremely portable charger that can recharge your phones or laptops fast. It is so slim and lightweight; it can easily fit your bag.

Moreover, the unit is waterproof so you can use it even if it suddenly rains. If you are always on the go and want to connect to the digital world at all times, this portable solar charger is an absolute must for you!

3. Solar Paper

Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping: Check Out These Cool Portable Solar Charges for your Outdoor Needs

This is another lightweight solar charger that can recharge any kind of portable device. The Solar Paper is absolutely thin and compact; making it perfect for any kind of outdoor activities. Measuring only 90mm x 190mm x 1.5mm, the solar paper can easily fit your pocket!

Now, you can charge your mobile phones, tablets, cameras, flashlights, and even AA batteries even if the weather is cloudy. You can add panels if you want to get more power for your other devices that need It also has a power meter that allows you to read the power level that the solar charger receives.

4. PowerFilm Solar

Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping: Check Out These Cool Portable Solar Charges for your Outdoor Needs

This product presents completely state-of-the-art roll-out thin film solar panels that can charge laptops, cameras, mobile phones, and camping lights. Most solar panels are bulky and need a significant amount of space for storage. But the PowerFilm Solar can easily fit any space, which makes it an ideal travel companion.


Portable Solar Power Systems for Camping: Check Out These Cool Portable Solar Charges for your Outdoor Needs

If you need to recharge your mobile devices under a cloudy or rainy sky, RAPTOR Pro is the perfect portable solar charger for you. This product uses industrial-grade durability and state-of-the-art technology that allows you to recharge 3 devices at the same time.

The charging rate of this device is 75% faster than wall chargers. Completely waterproof, you can even leave it outside during rainy days. You don?t need to wait for the sun to fully show up. All you need to do is lay down the RAPTOR Pro and let it supply you with electricity anytime and anywhere.

Technological innovations have really come so far since the last decades. Solar energy has become more accessible to people. Portable solar power systems for camping have become significantly more compact, efficient and most of all ? affordable. Check out our picks for solar powered devices from Amazon below.

Have you tried any of these before? Do you know of a better alternative? Share your thoughts below!