Recharging mobile devices when the sun is not fully showing in the sky is one the greatest problems of most solar phone chargers these days. Good thing Solartab Solar Charger has found a way to supply you with energy even when sunlight is low.

If you are looking for a good portable solar phone charger to fill your recharging needs, the Solartab will definitely help you recharge your devices anytime and anywhere, which is why we gave it a rank of #2 in our best solar phone chargers list.

Solartab Review



Solartab Solar Charger: Quick Facts

This is a beautifully designed product and you can easily see that the device was created with great care. It is, however, on the expensive side. The company actually started in Kickstarter and received a lot of support, which helped boost its following.

Best Solar Phone Chargers Solartab

Best Solar Phone Chargers: Solartab Performance

The best feature of the Solartab Solar Charger is that it has an internal battery, unlike other solar phone chargers. However, its solar charging capacity is only 5.5W, which is, at this time, rather small. Anker 21W Solar Charger has a whooping 21W, and its predecessor pulls 15W. Even ECEEN Solar Charger has a 13W capacity, which is more than double for Solartab. We are hoping to see some improvement in the Solartab C that is coming out soon.

Why then, is Solartab our number 2 choice? Its dual pre-charging capacity has proven to be very efficient for various users. You can charge it up before you leave, and if the battery pack runs out, you can always expose it to the sun as necessary.

If the Solartab’s built-in battery is at 100%, it can fully charge an iPhone 6 in just 1.5 hours or an iPad Air 2 in 4 hours. There are two 2.1A USB ports that will allow you to recharge two mobile phones or gadgets at the same time. You can recharge your devices while on the go or through the solar panels. Its SolarSmart Charging Technology detects the optimum charging capacity for your device, to ensure that the device gets the right amount of charge at a good rate.

Best Solar Phone Chargers: Solartab

The built-in cover is perfect for optimizing the solar panel’s charging capabilities. You can select the ideal angle for the solar panel depending on the sun?s current position. You can also monitor the built-in battery?s power level through the Solar Charging Indicator which can be found at the side portion of the unit. If the sun is unavailable in your area, you can recharge the unit through the wall socket. This ensures that your mobile phones or any other gadget will have a reliable power supply during your outdoor activities or during emergency situations.

Solartab Solar Charger Physical Attributes

The Solartab’s monocrystalline solar panel has a glass top. The smooth siding is made of machined aluminum. It has a very nice compact and sleek design that is the same size as an iPad. The built-in cover not only covers and protects the solar panel; it can also function as a stand that positions the unit properly to receive the maximum amount of sunlight. You can also find a LED indicator to tell you how much sunlight the panel receives. The brighter the light glows, the more energy it stores inside the built-in battery.

There are three ports that can be found on the Solartab Solar Charger; two USB ports for recharging mobile phones, and one micro-USB for charging the internal battery through a wall socket.

However, it is not designed to be waterproof, which makes it an unlikely partner for those who want to go on a fishing trip, or on a camping/hiking trip under wet conditions. Because it does not have straps or hooks, you can’t hook it up to your backpack to charge while you’re walking. Your best choice for such activities is the Anker Solar Charger 21w for only $59.99.

The Solartab Solar Phone Charger is the best portable solar charger to get if you are always on the go. It can recharge your mobile devices even if the sun is not available. Moreover, it takes about 10 hours to completely drain this unit at its 100% fully-charged capacity. This is definitely a perfect gift for someone you know who has an active outdoor lifestyle. We highly recommend this product for you and your friends and loved ones.

Solartab Review