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Raptor Pro Solar Charger Review



Today, cellphones and other mobile electronics are all around us. Over the last three years, over four billion smartphones have been sold globally. They enable us to stay in touch no matter where we are and have revolutionized our lives, from concrete jungles to the wilderness. . This is where a portable charger like Raptor Pro Solar Powered Charger from Inergy becomes useful and practical.

Technology is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. They ensure that we always have a camera on hand to capture life’s unplanned events or the single loved one is only one tap away. Battery power, on the other hand, is an issue for every one of us today owing to all the functions that mobile technology allows us to accomplish

When it comes to portable solar chargers, nothing beats one that can quickly replenish the batteries of your gadgets. One of the reliable solar chargers in the market today is the Raptor Pro Portable Solar Charger.

If you are looking for a portable power charger to bring along your off-grid adventures, this product may provide you what you need.

But if this article seems too long for you to read, we have prepared the pros and cons of the product. This way, you can quickly factor it into your decision-making process.

Pros Cons
Easy to carry
Recharges your devices quickly
Needs direct sunlight to recharge its internal battery

Although this product is as good as they say, it is only available on their website. Click here to find out our top recommendations.

What is Raptor Pro Inergy Solar Charger?

This product is basically a portable solar panel that has the ability to charge a gadget any time, anywhere. It is equipped with Qualcomm Quick Charge enabled USB ports and can charge your gadgets at the speed of light.

It also has two Sun Power solar panels, which means it is more efficient than other portable solar chargers in the market today.

What are the features of Raptor Pro Inergy Solar Charger?

Multiple Ports

It has two built-in USB ports, each with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology. It is fitted with Sun Power solar panels that allow for wireless charging even in low light conditions.


Its pocket size allows it to be brought anywhere without hassle. The product also comes with a detachable strap that makes it easier to carry around.

Inergy’s Raptor Pro is a lightweight solar charger that measures less than 2 pounds. This charger can charge phones, tablets, GPS systems, digital cameras, two-way radios, and other electronic gadgets. Ideal for mountaineering or domestic emergencies.

Charge Rate

This solar power charger can recharge any device 75% faster than its competitors in the market.

What devices can this solar charger recharge?

Buying a portable solar charge can be tedious. You have to find out not only how many times it can recharge a device, but also if it is safe to connect your devices in the first place. This is why you need to learn all information before deciding to purchase one.

For your information, here’s a list of what Raptor Pro can recharge:

  • Smartphones – 2 charges
  • Tablet – 1 charge
  • LED emergency light – 6 hours
  • DSLR Battery – 2 charges (via USB adapter)
  • Handheld GPS – 6-8 charges
  • Digital Camera – 4-6 charges
  • Headlamp – 5-8 charges
  • 2 Way Radios (walkie talkies) – 8 charges

Where can we buy Raptor Pro?

You can purchase this product from Inergy Solar’s website. The product is now on sale for $59 only! This is the best time to take advantage of its discounted price, so don’t miss out and order a unit today before it runs out of stock.

Can we use this Inergy Solar Charger with other Solar Panel brands?

You don’t need to connect this solar charger to another panel as it has its own set of panels.

What we think about Raptor Pro Solar Charger

While this product might be a bit expensive for some people, we are sure that it is worth every penny. It charges phones at lightning speed and has the added bonus of having 2 high-quality USB ports that can charge any device you have with you even if your phone’s battery is dead.


For those who are looking for a portable solar charger that can charge their gadgets fast, the Raptor Pro Solar Powered Charger is an excellent choice. It has everything you need in a solar panel and more by also including 2 USB ports with Qualcomm Quick Charge technology.

It is lightweight and pocket-sized so you can bring it anywhere. We are sure that this product won’t disappoint, as it will meet all your expectations as long as the sun is shining.

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