Searching for a reliable portable solar charger these days is quite a challenge. All brands offer performance and durability that is supposed to be better compared with their competitors. However, not all solar chargers can replenish the power level of two mobile devices at the same time. Charging two devices at the same time even under unfavorable sky conditions should be done using a backup power source. If you are looking for a portable solar charger with a reliable external battery, a good option in the market is Instapark Mercury 10M Solar Charger with Battery. And this is one of the Instapark solar panel reviews that can help you.

Instapark Mercury 10M Solar Charger: Performance

We tested the Instapark Mercury 10M Solar Solar Charger’s performance and found that it can still perform admirably even if one of the panels is completely covered. This unit can charge a device up to 3% even after the panels were covered and uncovered (charge interruption). This is due to the unit?s large surface area which can collect more sunlight to convert into electricity. Since it’s only 10W, don’t expect it to charge your device as fast as wall charging. If you want to charge your device in the same speed as at home, you can get a higher wattage charger such as the Anker 21W, which works great on sunny days.

We can compare Mercury 10M to Solartab seeing as both come with batteries. Mercury 10M pulls ahead from Solartab when it comes to its?wattage, as the former comes with 10 Watts while the latter comes with only 5.5 Watts. However, Mercury 10M’s battery with 3,200 mAh capacity pales in comparison to Solartab’s 13,000 mAh capacity.?You would need at least three batteries for Mercury for it to come closer to Solartab’s internal battery.

Battery and Multiple Devices

With Instapark Mercury 10M Solar Charger, charging two devices at once even at a perfectly beautiful sunny day is not an ideal task as the charging rate significantly drops. Although it can charge both devices at once, one device gets powered up faster, while the other one lags significantly. The 3,000 mAh battery is good for recharging a single mobile device at a time. Again, the charging rate goes slower if you connect another mobile device to it. If you want to charge two devices at same time, we advise you to connect the first device through the solar panel and connect the other one to the battery. This optimizes your chance of charging your devices faster without any kind of hassle.

The great thing about this Instapark solar charging package is that the battery is an external one, unlike other solar chargers with built-in batteries. This means you can use the solar panel to charge your phone directly, and if there?s no sun, you can charge through the external battery. When you are not using the solar panels to charge your device, you can plug the external battery to it to fill it up with power.

Physical Attributes

The Instapark Mercury 10M Solar Charger with battery measures 9 X 6 X 2 inches when folded?and 9 x 22 x ? inches when unfolded. This comes with black coating all over. It has three monocrystalline solar panels. It also has seven loops around the edges that can be used to hang the solar panel in a strategic position to gather the maximum amount of sunlight as much as possible. You can hang it on your backpack to let it charge your devices while you are on the move. You can also hang it on trees if you are camping.

The side pocket has enough room to store two smartphones, tablets, the charging cords, or the external battery at once. It can be fastened via Velcro to secure the contents inside when not in use or while charging.

The box comes with the following items:

  • The Mercury 10 Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger
  • 1 unit of 3,200 mAh Lithium rechargeable battery
  • 1 USB charging cable

In conclusion, the Mercury 10M Solar Charger with Battery is a good choice for a solar charger. The price is very affordable; you can easily purchase one without straining your budget. If you want to pack more power, you can purchase an additional battery since its 3,200 mAh might not be enough for your power storage needs. But for the price, it’s definitely bang for your buck!