A person deciding on going solar may ask this question: how much is the cost of solar panels for home? Many people who want to solarize their home power system for the first time ask this question a lot. 

But before answering that, you need to understand two important things before purchasing solar panels. First, your average power intake and second, the number of hours the sun shines brightly in your area. This way, you will be able to maximize both your investment and the power output of the panels that will be used by your available appliances.

How Many Solar Panels for Home do You Need?

The number of solar panels definitely is the key to generating sustainable energy for the home. However, understanding your average monthly power consumption is also important. If your average daily power consumption falls between 4 to 6 kW, then you definitely need a big power system to run your whole house.

You don’t need to purchase expensive power meter gadgets to compute your consumption. You can just look at your monthly electric bills and compare them to have a general idea about your daily power consumption.

To calculate the number of solar panels you need, read our solar panel calculation guide.

What is the Average Cost of Solar Panels for Home Use?

Now that you know much power you need to run your home using solar power, we will now proceed to answer the question.

The cost of solar panels depends on the materials used to build it. There are four basic classifications of solar panels that you can use. These are Monocrystalline, Polysilicon, Thin Film Silicon, and BIPV. However, not all of them are created equally.

Here is a simple comparison chart of all four panels and their performance based on cost and efficiency:

Solar Power for Home Use Comparison Table

Depending on the brand and number of watts that a panel can produce, a single 100 Watt solar panel may cost from $80 up to $300. It is then your choice whether to use monocrystalline, polysilicon, thin film silicon or BIPV on your home solar energy system. However, if you want your solar energy system to last a very long time, the best solar panels to do the job is definitely monocrystalline.

Here are some solar panels that we recommend:

The cost of the panels would be the price of your panel of choice times the number of panels you need based on your solar panel computation.

Finally, if you are thinking about saving some cash when purchasing panels, think about the longevity of your solar energy system. Expensive but good brands offer long years of service while the cheap ones tend to break after a short period of time.