For centuries, people have been accustomed to celebrations and gathering for different occasions. New year, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are the usual jam-packed holiday season everyone is looking forward to.

So, kids and kids at heart become busy as they prepare for their costumes and parties. Of course, there are the usual things on the list like food, venue, theme, and decorations. All the rest are almost always the same and staple for every event, but the décor and design ideas can change. 

This is when the best solar string lights come to help you in your party preparation needs. Here’s a list of solar string lights suitable for any occasion with ways you can use them.

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Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights for Halloween

Is your home ready for Trick or Treat? Maybe some light effects can add to the spooky, hair-raising vibe. While the usual go-to had been candles, it already spells history. It could be dangerous, especially if you have kids and pets around. You might want to use a safer alternative – something that would not bring sure horror.

solar string lights for halloween
These Halloween Solar Lights are available on Amazon.

Why not try solar powered outdoor string lights? These are safe to use, solar-powered, and reasonably attractive. There are various ready-made designs to choose from. You can get a string of colorful ghosts, glowing skulls, skeletons, and bats, or Jack ‘o Lantern. Hang this outside, maybe in your yard or at your porch. You can even try to put it on trees because you don’t have to worry about electrical wirings and extension cords.

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You may also try to fuse your creative touches on plain solar string lights. Decorate them any way you want. You can tape some pumpkin or Casper-like Halloween cut-outs around each bulb and customize it.

halloween solar string lights DIY cutouts
Check this Halloween lighting of

Solar Christmas String Lights

Surely everyone looks forward to what comes after Halloween. It’s the Merry season! Who’s looking forward to setting up your Christmas trees? How about lighting it up with solar Christmas string lights? Say, ‘Ho! Ho! Ho!”.

These Solar Powered Christmas Lights are available on Amazon.

You can use these string lights both indoors and outdoors. If you need to emphasize the decors’ edges, try using incandescent lights. Say, Santa’s sleigh and the gingerbread man are easily seen from afar with the outlines. Ball-like bulbs are also available should you prefer to double it up as Christmas balls.

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A house filled with string lights. Source:

There can also be other options aside from the usual red, green, and yellow lights. Blue, violet, and white ones are available for a snowy, icy feel. The kids will love it, especially if you’ll have a Frozen-inspired party. Don’t forget to put up Olaf for the little Elsa’s and Anna’s. Let the lights add magic to the spreading of holiday cheer!

frozen-themed house
Check out this Frozen-inspired Christmas Lights decor. Source:

Solar Powered String Lights for Weddings

How sweet it is to have the dream wedding with your one true love, more delightful if leveled up. Now, grooms and brides, make your wedding and reception more memorable and beautiful by adding solar powered string lights.

These Rattan Solar String Lights are available on Amazon.

Remember how movies and Disney classics portrayed a spectacular ceremony for a lasting relationship? You can’t help but feel joyous and content as you see everything, even the characters’ eyes, sparkle. That’s exactly what these string lights can add to the wedding vibe.  Whatever theme you have in mind, may it be a beach or garden wedding, you would find these attractive lights lovely. It’s like fireflies are everywhere!

Various types of solar string lights that can be used for weddings are available on Amazon. Our favorites are the simple string lights and the Rattan solar string lights (shown above).


Mostly, you can see these hanging on the walls, shrubs, or trees. Some even use it like banderitas and hang it across the hall. Others use it as centerpieces where they put the light-colored ones inside mason jars or on flower arrangements. You and your partner can decide on designs that will make you happy. Sky’s the limit!

Solar LED String Lights for Birthday Parties

Most people celebrate the anniversary of their birthdates, while some plan it for them as a surprise. Balloons, clowns, sounds, and word arts stating the celebrant’s name are the most common objects we see. But it would be more interesting to have something new and sparkling like the solar LED string lights as party décor. 

Outdoor-Party solar string lights
Solar Powered Lights for Outdoor Birthday Parties like this are available in Amazon. Image source:

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. This type gives off better light quality and is more energy-efficient. Not only that, LED lights last longer than other types. Solar LED string lights are also environmentally friendly and reasonably priced. 

If you have a superhero-themed party, say the Flash, these can make an imaginary light path. The Flash design can be the main attraction for the party and a photo booth material. Zoom! Or, it can be a substitute balloon-like LED light to the actual balloons. The only things that will pop are the eyes of the kids and adults in awe alike.

Make your birthday parties more awesome with solar string lights. Image source:

Solar String Garden Lights

Sometimes, you do not need a specific occasion to set up something beautiful and vibrant. There are times when you want to showcase good things in your backyard even at night. Solar string garden lights can highlight the hidden beauties of regular gardens. Well, it is a plus if coincidentally you have garden shows coming up. 

Showing off your area is way easy during the daytime. Challenge starts at night. These solar garden lights will show you the way in the most imaginative manner possible. You can put it on trees, tree houses, or gazebos to make it more visible. It can make landscapes visually prominent and appealing. Some gardens have string lights lining up the bushes with figurines below. Some have illuminated garden waterfalls and it just so amazing.

One great example of using solar string lights in your garden is this DIY teapot lights by The Navage Patch.

solar teapot lights

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The feel of walking through a magical path encourages tranquility amid nature. So far, there had been few garden shows done at night. Without a doubt, people will visit it more often. This will definitely be a hit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do solar string lights work?

These are lights connected to solar panels. They use energy stored from the sunlight to convert it to electrical energy. They light up when the surroundings get dark and turn off automatically in the daytime. These are waterproof and can run for long hours. Since it is solar-powered, there is no need to plug it in power outlets.

Where to buy the best outdoor solar string lights?

You can buy these at any hardware or DIY store near you. Amazon, Lowes, Home Depot and Wal-Mart usually have these in stores or online. You can check which branch has the solar string light you need.

There are always ways for the best solar string lights to make every event extra special. Whatever occasion or party it is, name it!

You can spook out your neighbors with your outdoor Halloween decorations – Trick or Treat! Santa would feel at home with the sparkling solar string lights. You will hear the ringing of bells in the air as the lights radiate the wedding bliss. Birthday gimmicks of lights will give the most memorable celebration of life ever. And the regular day at the park or any garden will feel like any Hallmark movie.

Everything is just better with string lights, even more so with solar-powered fairy lights, don’t you think?