The need of constantly recharging our mobile devices has been increasing since the advent of smartphones. However, the more function a smartphone has, the more frequent it needs to be recharged. This has also become a problem for those who are always on the go because recharging becomes a hassle. Because of this, portable solar phone chargers have been introduced to the market to address the issue of recharging smartphones. If you are looking for the best solar phone chargers, you have come to the right place.

The perfect example of the portable solar charger for you is the ECEEN 13W Foldable Solar Charger. This unit can be used to recharge up to two smartphones, or any kind of electronic gadgets at the same time. What?s more surprising is the way it can be used while being carried. Four metal clips will help you secure the solar panels in your backpack. Just secure the unit in your backpack, and your devices are ready to be charged!

Best solar phone chargers: Our #1 Choice!

ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger: Performance

The ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger 13W is a great device for backpackers.?It has a transition efficiency of 22%, which is very high as compared to other solar chargers of the same output power (13W to 14W). It can charge a smartphone from 0% to 100% in 2.5 hours, which is a great speed for a portable charger. It can maintain the battery life of two devices plugged at the same time, but don’t expect it to gain more battery power. If you want a solar charger that can produce more power and can easily charge multiple devices, your best bet is a higher powered charger, such as the Anker PowerPort 21W or the ECEEN 26W (which can even power a laptop!)

It works great when sunlight is aplenty, but works dismally in cloudy skies. It has a voltage regulator which prevents power surges. However, during low-light conditions and the ECEEN 13W cannot produce enough power, it tends to disconnect your device. During cloudy skies, this solar charger is best used with a battery pack that you can charge. You can then use this battery pack for charging your device. But if the sun is shining great, there would be no problem charging your phone directly.

Physical Attributes

The ECEEN 13W is portable enough at 1.4 lb; you will hardly notice that it’s there. You can easily snap the solar panel on your backpack and juice up your phone even while walking or hiking. It’s waterproof, so you can leave it out on top of your backpack when the rain pours, and?it can withstand water splashes when you’re out fishing. However, being very lightweight has its drawbacks. For instance, the ECEEN has a stand so it can receive sunlight at an angle, but the device is flimsy and easily topples over when the wind blows. It would be best to just lay it flat on the ground.

It?comes with two USB ports; four metal clips to connect on the built-in flaks which would then let you hang it on your backpack and one micro-USB cord that allows you to charge phones that use USB-C.

Value, Warranty &?Customer Service

The list price of ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger 13W is almost a hundred bucks, but it is currently on sale at Amazon. They also offer 12 months of warranty.

Their customer service is awesome! They will respond to every inquiry within 12 hours. They are eager to please their customers, which shows that they value their clients very much.

Best Solar Phone Chargers - ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger 13W

Best Solar Phone Chargers Rank #3: ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger

For your outdoor needs, ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger is a good choice. Although we consider it as one of the best solar phone chargers in the market today, it is not our top choice, rather comes up as #3 only. We gave it an overall score of 7.5 out of 10. Check our scoring below to see how we came up with this value. For the price, it is great for gift or personal use.

Check our list of 5 best solar phone chargers. Have you tried this solar charger before? Place your rating in the comments and let us know what you think!