Being able to connect to the internet at all times has become a commodity these past few years. Because of this, dead mobile phone and tablet batteries have become unacceptable by today?s standards. Recharging our devices in a fast and mobile way is a challenge that inventors and innovators tried to solve in a timely manner using solar panel technology. If you are looking for the best portable solar charger in the market today, we can help you decide by presenting their price and specifications.

Why Do You Need Solar Phone Chargers?

Outdoor activities such as camping, fishing or just a simple nature trip mean no access to a power source. If you?re the type of person who wants to be constantly connected to your phone, having a dependable phone charger would certainly make a huge impact in your travels. This is where the solar phone chargers would come into play.


What is The Best Portable Solar Charger in the Market Today?

Top 5 Best Portable Solar Charger For Your?Mobile Devices

There are many solar powered devices in the market today that could give you instant access to electricity whenever and wherever you are in the world. We have searched the deepest recesses of the internet and found 5 promising products that could help you address your mobile devices recharging needs. Here are the top 5 solar chargers in the market today. You should bear in mind, however, that the products presented here appear in no particular order or criteria.

1. Anker PowerPort Solar Charger

Best Portable Solar Charger

This solar charger can generate up to 21W of electricity, which is enough to recharge any kind of mobile device quickly. Anker features PowerIQ, a technology that allows a device to receive power from the solar charger safe and fast. Furthermore, this charger can be effortlessly placed inside your bag. Measuring 26.4 inches X 11.1 inches when opened and 11.1 inches X 6.3 when folded, you can easily bring this along on your travels. Anker may not work best during cloudy days but when the sky is clear, it certainly has no competition!

Read our full Anker PowerPort 21W review and see why we think it’s the best solar charger in the market today!

2. Solartab

What started out as a Kickstarter project?quickly made its way into becoming one of the most popular solar phone chargers in the market. It was created to fully meet the needs of an Apple device, specifically the iPad and the iPhone. However, it can still?power other mobiles devices such as Samsung phones. It looks and feels like an iPad as well, so it’s just like carrying another device, except that this one powers all your mobile devices.

Priced at $129 with a 5.5W charging capacity and a high-capacity internal battery (13,ooo mAh), you won’t go wrong with a Solartab. Read our full Solartab Solar Charger Review to find out why we consider it to be #2 in this list.

3. ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger

Best Portable Solar Charger

Supporting two USB ports, this portable solar charger can recharge two mobile devices at the same time. This $40 solar panel produces up to 13W of electricity that can recharge even a tablet. It has a simple stand that allows you to position the panels in order to receive sunlight better.

Read our full review on ECEEN Foldable Solar Charger to see why we ranked it as #3 in this list.

4. Snow Lizard SLXTREME Waterproof iPhone 6/6S Case

Best Portable Solar Charger

This device doubles up as a portable solar charger and a waterproof iPhone 6/6s case. Talk about multi-purpose! This charger case can generate up to 3,000mAh. This is a waterproof portable solar charger so you need not worry when it rains during your trip.?It’s pretty handy for your boating and fishing trips, or for when it rains during your hiking and camping trips.

5. Joos Solar Orange Portable Solar Charger

Best Portable Solar Charger

If you have heard of a waterproof solar panel, you certainly haven?t heard of one that can charge underwater. JOOS Orange is a 2.4W portable solar charger that is designed to withstand harsh conditions. Its body is made of metal, perfect for enduring shocks brought about by tough movements. You can double its charging capabilities by purchasing a $25 reflector panel.

How to Choose the Best Solar Phone Chargers?

Because of the rising competition on the market these days, choosing the perfect solar powered phone charger can be a little challenging. The design is also a game-changer for most consumers. Here is a simple list of things that you need to look for when shopping for best solar phone chargers:

Charging Performances

Does your pick have an integrated battery or does it supply energy directly from the panel? This is an important question that you need to answer as it affects the charging rate of the unit.

Solar Panel

What kind of solar panel is incorporated into the unit that you are going to purchase? Most of the solar phone chargers that are sold today use first-generation crystalline silicon solar panels. These panels have known higher efficiency compared to the second generation ones.


Charging capabilities aside, you still need to search for phone chargers that can easily assimilate with your everyday look. Most solar chargers that are quite large for your pocket; but?can easily be?stored inside a backpack.

Help & Support

While a solar mobile phone charger may not be that expensive, it would also be?good to know if the manufacturer provides a good warranty policy.


What is The Best Portable Solar Charger in the Market Today?

Solar power is one of the cheapest and cleanest renewable energies that we have on Earth. The trend on solar power dependence is now slowly becoming more popular. All it takes is a good solar panel to collect the necessary power to run any kind of appliances. Using solar energy, mobile phones can now stay connected and powered up for an extended period of time.

Have you used any of these portable solar chargers before? Which one would you like to try? Let us know in the comments below!