Providing light to your home or camping site or anywhere else is not easy especially if you have limited power. Because electricity costs are steadily increasing these days, more people are actually switching off their lights just to lower their monthly bills.

This practice effectively compromises the safety and security not only of your property but also the people around you. If you need to secure your properties and protect your loved ones while reducing power costs, an alternative solution will certainly work out for you. You can now light up your outdoor area using solar energy.

Or maybe you’re just planning on going green and you want to use renewable energy. Here are different types of solar powered lights to use if you’re planning to implement solar energy into your lighting.

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What Types of Solar Powered Lights are in the Market Today?

Solar Powered Lights are an awesome?lighting solution that you can use because the energy that lights them up is completely renewable. Moreover, most of them use LED or light emitting diode instead of tungsten so it?uses less amount of power.

LED lights have been dominating the market for the past few years because it is an efficient lighting device that can illuminate a given area in a cost-effective manner. More so if you use solar powered LED lights.? This is perfect for illuminating dark areas on your property or even on outdoor activities for a very long time such as camping.

Here are five types of solar energy lights to help you keep your outdoor perimeter safe at all times:

Solar Powered Camping Lights

If you are camping in a remote area and you wish to illuminate your immediate surroundings for a long period of time, the best way to go about it is to purchase solar powered camping lights such as lanterns and flashlights. You can charge the camping lights during the day time and use it without interruption during night time.

Examples of solar energy lights are as follows:

Inflatable Solar Light

Kizen Solar Powered LED Camping Lantern

Solar Powered Garden/Patio Lights

If your garden or patio is in a great need of lighting, you can definitely rely on solar powered garden lights. This is a cheap way to make your garden glow at night without worrying about extra cost in your monthly electric bill. The best thing about solar powered garden lights is that each light works independently. When the built-in panel stops receiving sunlight, it will automatically light up your patio or any area that you choose to place them.

Solar Lamp Post

Protecting every corner of your property is a heavy responsibility. If you are worried about the ever-rising electricity cost, you can always rely on a solar lamp post. A solar lamp post can brighten the darkest corners of your land or property. This will allow you to see in the distance easily, or make the surrounding areas safer.

Here are two examples of solar powered lamp posts available in the market:

Gama Sonic GS-99F Windsor Light Outdoor Solar Lamp

Sterno Home GL23716BK Outdoor Solar LED Street Light

Solar Powered Motion Detector Lights

If you want to easily recognize who walks in your property or campsite at night, solar powered motion detector lights will help you do so. This lighting system can help you prevent potential accidents in the area because of the darkness, as well as notify you when someone’s in your property.

Solar Powered Emergency Lights

In the case of emergencies such as natural calamities or when the national grid is down, you can completely rely on solar powered emergency lights to light your way. This is one of the most important and most purposeful uses of solar powered devices.

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The sunlight is abundant, completely renewable, and a safe way to generate electricity. If you want to help the Earth heal while helping yourself as well, going for solar powered lights is certainly one way to go.