Exploring the nature every once in a while is good for our health. This is also a perfect time to reconnect to nature and forget about the stress brought by our modern lifestyle. However, we can’t deny the fact that we have become inseparable with our contemporary comfort such as our smartphones. One of these modern luxuries that we can’t easily give up is the iPhone. While the latest iPhone have longer battery life, it would totally suck if you run out of juice while receiving an important call in the middle of nowhere. This is where the best solar charger iPhone unit comes very handy.

When searching for solar chargers for iPhone, it is best to bear in mind not only the cost but also the charging speed and portability. Here is a short list of the most practical solar charger for iPhone in the market today:

5 Best Solar Charger iPhone

Best Solar Charger iPhone 2019

1. Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

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This solar charger features a fast charging technology called PowerIQ which ensures that fast and efficient charging for your mobile devices. If you want to recharge two devices, you can do it at the same time thanks to its dual USB ports. Under direct sunlight, both USB ports receive up to 3 amps of power and 2.4 amps under a cloudy sky.

Anker also uses industrial-grade PET polymer solar panels sewn into weather-resistant polyester canvas that ensure longevity. If you want a reliable portable solar charger for iPhone, Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger is the best product for you.


2. Solar Charger RAVPower 24W Solar Panel

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If you want to maximize your trip outside by bringing three mobile devices, you can now do so without worry thanks to this solar charger for iPhone. RAVPower employs iSmart technology which detects the best charging current for connected devices. This great solar charger provides up to 4.8A under direct sunlight. This particular solar charger for iPhone is not only durable but also waterproof. This feature is a very important consideration when choosing solar chargers.


3. Suaoki 14W Solar Charger 

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If you need to convert more power from the sun, Suaoki will take care of that for you. This solar charger has four SunPower solar panels that work even under low light (40000 Lux). This particular solar charger for iPhone converts up to 22% of sunlight, even under a cloudy sky. The whole unit is foldable, which makes it very easy to store, carry, and setup. It has a trustworthy side pocket and strap that keeps your iPhone or other mobile device safe from accidental dropping.


4. Ayyie Solar Charger

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If you are looking for a reliable solar charger that can recharge other devices, this one is worth giving a shot. This particular solar charger is one of the perfect portable charging devices because it can provide your iPhone and other gadgets power day and night. It has two 5V/2A USB ports that can supply power to two gadgets at the same time. The compact solar panel can resupply the power you need at night. It also has built-in LED lights which you can use to illuminate your camp space after the sun sets.


5. Nektek 21W Solar Charger

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If you choose to recharge your iPhone during daytime, three highly reliable solar panels will take care of your charging needs. The panels have conversion rate that increases up to 24%, supplying two devices with completely renewable energy at the same time. Nektek has fast charging technology in the form of a small IC chip, which maximizes the charging capabilities of each USB port. The IC chip detects the connected devices charging needs, thus increasing the charging speed up to 3A. This solar charger is highly durable; it can withstand all kinds of weather outside your camp.


Choosing the best solar charger iPhone can use is definitely not easy. It requires a thorough analysis of your prospect brands’ performance. Don’t choose a particular solar charger just because it fits your budget or it looks cool. These five solar chargers iPhone can connect are also compatible to Android smartphones. Moreover, these solar chargers have passed the critics’ and satisfied customers’ quality inspection. These solar chargers will provide you a good supply of energy in your outdoor travels or in your camp site for a very long time.