Best Solar Phone Chargers: Solartab Solar Charger Review

Recharging mobile devices when the sun is not fully showing in the sky is one the greatest problems of most solar phone chargers these days. Good thing Solartab Solar Charger has found a way to supply you with energy even when sunlight is low. If you are looking for a good portable solar phone charger to fill your recharging needs, the Solartab will definitely help you recharge your devices anytime and anywhere, which is why we gave it a rank of #2 in our best solar phone chargers list.


The Solartab Solar Phone Charger is the best portable solar charger to get if you are always on the go. It can recharge your mobile devices even if the sun is not available. Moreover, it takes about 10 hours to completely drain this unit at its 100% fully-charged capacity. This is definitely a perfect gift for someone you know who has an active outdoor lifestyle. We highly recommend this product for you and your friends and loved ones.

Solartab Solar Phone Charger

Solartab Solar Phone Charger

Charging Speed in Ideal Conditions


    Charging on Cloudy Skies


      Charging Multiple Devices







            • Has a high-capacity internal battery (13,000 mAh)
            • Works great under cloudy conditions (mainly due to the internal battery)
            • Solartab SmartCharge ensures maximum charging rate based on the device.
            • Has a built-in cover that doubles-up as a stand.
            • Has two charging ports that can deliver optimum charging speed at the same time.


            • The unit is not waterproof.
            • There are no built-in straps to hook to backpacks.
            • Heavier than other solar chargers because of the built-in battery.

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